Colour Localities

Pakhuset, Denmark, 2020

Exhibited in Colour Localities are textile works created over the course of a three month residency at Kunstkollektivet8b.

This work forms a collection of imagined futures. Envisioned are extreme solutions to environmental problems, such as reverting to prehistoric lifestyles or leaving the earth altogether in an arc-like space craft to avoid natural disaster, which surely awaits us. These ideas take shape as hand woven images. Cloth is a basic need when it forms shelter, and a way of preserving histories (true or false) when pictorial. Each colour in this work is hand dyed from locally foraged plant life (chamomile, pine cones, reeds, bracken, sunflower seeds, walnuts). 

Raw wool, bees wax, plant dyes, recycled wool yarn, 24 coastal rocks, salvaged chipboard

Courtesy of  Patty van den Elshout