Just a Bunch of String

Curated by Patrick Stratton
1 – 27 September 2023
Hypha Studios, Stratford, London

In collaboration with Hypha Studios, ‘Just a Bunch of String” curated by Patrick Stratton, brings together a collection of emerging artists, that all interact with textiles, showcasing latest work reflecting the medium of textiles and what it is capable of doing.

This show will depict the many ways textiles can be used as a vessel to comment on the conceptual, or the everyday illustrating how compelling just a bunch a string can be.

Included artists are:
Patrick Stratton, Tanya Wilson, Renin Bilginer, Bobby Heffernan, Leily Moghtader Mojdehi, Karolina Dworska, Andia Coral Newton, Selby Hi, Illnos Owen and Heidi Pearce

Photos courtesy of Carlo Zambon

Courtesy of  Patty van den Elshout